Our Patriot Ancestors

Each member of the Piestewa Peak Chapter, NSDAR, is proud of the direct lineage connecting her to a Patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. If you have a Patriot in your family tree, we would love to have the opportunity to assist you in establishing the proof necessary to join this great organization.


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Ichabod Brownell, PVT

Timothy Munson, SGT

Moses Porter, PVT

John Post, PVT



Richard Aycock, CS, PS

Joseph Jackson, PS



Anthony Arnold, Sr., PS

Anthony Arnold, Jr., PS

Casper Boyers, CS

Nathanial Ducker, PS

Guy Elder, PS

Walter Fryer, PVT

James Prather, PS

Ebenezer Pumphrey, PS

James Traill, Sr., PS, SOL

Ludwick Wisinger, PVT



Alexander Campbell, LCOL

Ammi Cutter, CS

Abner Dodge, PVT

Lysander Richardson, PVT

William Pixlee, PVT

Nathaniel Rogers, CPL

Abraham Somes, LT

Josiah White, SGT

William Wood, CPL


New Hampshire

Reuben Davis, PS

Zebulon Drew, LT

Benjamin Ellenwood, PVT


New Jersey

David Adams, PVT

Zubulon Baird, PS

Teunix Denise, PS

Lebbeus Dodd, CAPT

James Landon, PVT

Nathaniel Marlin, PVT

Rolph Marsh, 1LT

Jannetie Covenhoven Schenck, PS

John Schenck, CAPT

William Slayback, PVT

George Smock, PVT

John Smock, PS

David Van Der Veer, PS 


New York

John Kettell, PVT

Henry Livingston, CS

John Lawrence, SOL

Cyprian Parrish, PVT

Nicholas Stansell, PVT

Jonathan Griffin Tompkins

North Carolina

Ludwig Albright, PS

William Chalk, SGT

Baxter King, CAPT

Jacob Lagenauer, PVT

George Laws, Sr., PS

George Laws, Jr., PS

George McDowell, PVT

William Ricks, PS

John Riggs, PS

Isaac Seward, PS

William Hitchcock Talbee, PVT

Tobias Tilman, PVT

William Wilder, PS

William Wright, PS



Anna Abendschon, PS

Reinholt Abendschon, PS

John Altman, Sr., PVT, PS

David Anderson, PVT

Johannes Decker, PVT

Frederick Dubbs, PVT

Ephraim Gilmore, PVT, PS

Balzar Leffel, PS

John Leffel, PS

Jacob Leininger, PS

Christopher Minnich, SGT

Sarah Yards Wright Provance

Andrew Robertson, PVT

Jacob Rohrer, LT

Christian Shenkel, PVT

Henry Shepler, CAPT

George Frederick Siegle, SOL

Maria Magdalena Siegle, PS

William Stevens, PVT

William Stringer, PVT

Christian Waldschmidt, PVT

John Waugh, PVT

Henry Wax, CAPT

Abraham White, PVT

George Yearian, CS


Rhode Island

William Sweet, LT


South Carolina

Thomas Askew, PS

Francis Fontaine, PVT

Jemima Johnson Fontaine, PS

James Phinney, PVT

Mary Roberts, PS



Reuben Harmon, PS, CS

Jonas Powers, CS

Ebenezer Stearns, PVT

Andrew Winchester, PVT



John Arthur, PVT

Susanna Bartlett, PS

John Bell, PS

Henry Brumback, PS

Andrew Buchanan, CS

Stephen Childress, PS

Sylvester Chunn, PVT

Joseph Cole, SGT

Elisha Collins, PVT

John Daugherty, CAPT

William Dodd, SOL

Thomas Dunn, SOL

Robert Elliott, LT

Jezreel Ellis, SOL

George Eskridge, LT

Henry Harless, PVT

Issac Leet, Sr., CS, PS

William Maddox, PS

Roger Madison, CS

Daniel Maupin, Sr., PS

Gabriel Mullins, PVT

William Munsy, SGT

Samuel Newberry, PS

Henry Patten, CAPT

William Patterson, Jr., PVT

William Patterson, Sr., PS

Sarah Yards Wright Provance

John Purtle, PVT

George Quisenberry, SOL

James Simpkins, PVT

Charles Stapleton, PS

Solomon Stratton, SGT, PS

James Stringfellow, CS, PS

Henry Tapscott, PS

Elisha Thomas, PVT

John Tuggle, PVT, PS

James Tuley, PS

Judith Tuley, PS

John Watson, PS

Isaiah Willis, PS

Joseph Wills, Sr., CS


1LT – First Lieutenant

CAPT – Captain

COL – Colonel

CPL – Corporal

CS – Civil Service

ENS – Ensign

LT – Lieutenant

LCOL – Lieutenant Colonel

PS – Patriotic Service

MAJ – Major

PVT – Private

SGT – Sergeant

SOL – Soldier

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